InvestorQ : Is research built into online trading platforms?
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Is research built into online trading platforms?

ishika Banerjee answered.
3 years ago
This is an add-on service that brokers are now offering on the online trading interface itself. You can screen stocks, you can shortlist your investment universe, you can evaluate the charts and you can also execute the transactions in one seamless chain. As a customer, you must insist that not only must this research be trusted, reliable, objective and high class but all this must be specifically customized to you. L&T may be a great stock but may not suitable for you. You expect the broker to know that and also to tell you that.
One more feature you must insist on for online trading is a simple and flawless call to action. That means once you read the research report or research idea, you must be able to execute in two clicks from there itself. That is what makes it truly user-friendly.