NSE is National Stock Exchange while BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange, both are entirely different. Let me explain what exactly NSE is!

NSE is an Indian Stock Exchange located at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is India’s largest exchange by turnover. It offers companies a platform to raise capital. It also provides investors with access to asset classes like equities, debt, and derivatives as well as different currencies, commodities and mutual fund units. It allows for new listings, initial public offers (IPOs), debt issuances and Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs) by overseas companies raising capital in India. NSE offers settlement, clearing and trading services in equity, equity derivatives and debt and currency derivatives segments. NSE was the first stock exchange in India to offer the electronic trading facility. 

BSE, on the other hand, is Asia’s first stock exchange, though it has some common functions that of NSE but both are not same. BSE’s index is SENSEX, while NSE’s is NIFTY.