That is a distinct possibility and the FAO has already warned about the same. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) has warned that the series of shutdowns across the world could lead to a spike in food prices and trigger food inflation across the world in a big way. The problem may not be visible in the short term, according to the FAO, due to the ample supplies of staple grains and oil seeds in exporting nations. The FAO has pointed out that all that was needed to trigger a food crisis was some panic buying from large procurers like millers and governments and the global food equations could just go off the line. Such panic buying typically comes from bulk buyers, especially when they estimate that supplies may dry up in the next few months. FAO has been worried that people are queuing up at supermarkets across the world to stock supplies, which is a dangerous sign of food panic. The moment people start hoarding, there could be a real food crisis in the world.