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Archita Jajjoo made post

Is it true that the Reliance AGM has talked about launching its own 5G products?

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Rashi Mehra answered.
3 weeks ago

This was the grandest of all the plans and is all about being “Atma Nirbhar” in 5G products and solutions. India has been sceptical about Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE for 5G cooperation due to security issues. Jio offers Plan-B and it will produce and deliver home-grown 5G products and solutions. 4G networks of Jio will be seamlessly upgraded to 5G.

This will be hopefully achieved in the next one year. This could be a game changer at a micro and macro level. Jio can become an end-to-end digital player in 5G. Also, Jio can compete with global leaders like Samsung, Ericsson, ZTE and Huawei. For India it means less outflow of foreign exchange, less dependence on China and a boost to Make in India.