The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is looking into allegations that WhatsApp had abused its dominant position by offering payment services to its vast base of users. The complaint was filed in Mid-March this year. The allegation was that WhatsApp had bundled its digital payment facility within its messaging app, allowing it to abuse its market position and penetrate India's booming digital payments market. The complaint clearly appears to be timed to create an embarrassment for Facebook by putting in a spoke in the wheel just ahead of WhatsApp’s launch of payments platform in India. Most payment gateways have been worried that if WhatsApp gets the license to run its payment gateway then its captive 40 crore users in India would become a huge entry barrier for others. CCI can order its investigations arm to conduct a wider probe or dispose the case if it finds no merit. These are matters of interpretation and the allegation is that if the WhatsApp messenger and its payments feature are bundled, it could harm competition and violate India’s antitrust laws.