Yes Bank is typically down 30% on one day and it is up by 30% on another day. If you want to buy Yes Bank stock, the first thing you must be clear on is what is the value of the stock? That will be clear only once the full valuation of bad assets is done. Also, with AT2 bond holders asked to take a 80% haircut, I am not sure if the equity investors will get anything at all in terms of value. Whatever movement you are seeing in the stock price is just speculation and there is no fundamental logic as it is still not clear what will be the future of the company. The primary task of the government and the RBI will be to protect the interests of the depositors and then the bond holders. If you want to take a speculative bet on Yes Bank it is find but be clear that you are taking on a high risk bet. So limit your fund commitment to any such trade and manage your risk.