Ideally, you should look at consumption stories like Britannia, Havells, Marico, etc which can benefit from growing incomes and improved margins. This quarter may have been tight for some of these consumption companies due to lower revenue growth but that is temporary. Another set of stocks you can look at is the PSU banks. That may sound a little aggressive but if you are looking to benefit from the turnaround in PSU banks, then this could be the right time to buy these stocks.
Long term buying of stocks has never been so much about timing as it has been about time and value. If your question is about the impact of the elections, then the market experience in the last 27 years has been that new governments have typically had a positive impact on the economy in general and corporate performance in particular. Hence elections need not be a driving factor for deciding on investments. The bigger question should be what sectors and stocks to focus on in case you are looking at a long term portfolio.