Most of the people focus on cutting losses and protecting their capital during stock market crashes, but very few focus and knowledge to earn profits during such crashes. Here are the few ways one can earn profits during these crashes:

During crashes, one thing that is important is you have to see/judge the market correctly. Generally, the rule is to buy into the quality and avoiding cyclical. There are stocks that have strong dividend yield with lesser earning risks, they can be considered as good bets in the market. The idea is to sell into stocks that are showing signs of weaknesses and buy the stocks or sectors where you can consider sustainable strength/growth.

Treat equity shares like a normal shopping where you bargain enough to fit your idle price, and similarly try to get your stocks at the bargained price. The key is not to invest in small-cap funds. Don’t try to predict the bottom of the market, especially when are markets are falling. Focus more on managing the risk. Use a phased approach in buying because it is possible that you will get a better price.