Yes Bank stocks gained back in today's trade (27th September 2019) after sliding down to 5%. This effect in trade was after the cut of YES Capital's shareholding in the bank by 1.80% in order to settle an advance payment of Rs. 630 crore issued by Franklin Templeton Asset Management through non-convertible debentures (NCDs). The sale lowered the promoters stake to 13.4% which is not the good sign.

As per the NSE report, YES Capital was sold for Rs. 2.74 crore, Yes Bank shares at Rs 52.19 per share, that sums to more than Rs 143 crore.
As per the updates, sale of promotor's stake in the bank, Rana Kapoor has been recorded twice in a week to prepay against NCDs. Thus, I think it is pretty clear that the time is not favorable for new investors to invest in Yes Bank shares.