That is a big myth. You do not need complex strategies and algorithms to profit in the market. In fact, complex strategies and algorithms are means to make a small return on a large capital outlay by identifying inefficiencies in the market. That is not the way an individual investor can ever make profits in the stock market. Firstly, not everything that is complex is great. As Peter Lynch used to say, “A great idea should be so simple that you should be able to illustrate it with a piece of chalk”. Look at the case of Eicher Motors 5 years back. A growing market, hardly crowded, low capital requirement and a high ROE was a classic combination to create wealth. No doubt, the company was an outperformer in the last few years. Same with Britannia in the last 3 years! A focus on the premium biscuit segment with low competition and high margins almost turned the tables for the company. The company appreciated almost 10 fold in just about 3 years. That is how simple it is! To cut a long story short, try to understand these myths and try to overcome them. Your journey to the stock markets starts with knowing the basic myths to bust. This may not make you a great investor by itself, but will surely help you avoid the standard pitfalls.