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Nelson Fernandes made post

I want to invest in Mutual funds but don't know where and how to start and which is best option

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Abigail Ghoshal answered.
2 years ago

First up, welcome to the world of investing and mutual funds.

You can start your mutual fund journey by understanding what’s your risk appetite or how much risk you are willing to take. Based on this decision you can choose to invest either in equity mutual funds or debt mutual funds.

You can start your mutual fund journey by defining your goals and your investment horizon. This exercise will help rule out certain investment options for you and help decipher whether you need to invest in: 

- Small cap stocks:

High risk with high returns

- Mid cap stocks:

Moderate risk with high returns

- Large cap stocks:

Low risk with relatively lower, but stable returns

Once you find out where you are most comfortable investing, you can pick the best performing funds and start investing in them.

From documentation point of view, you will be required to complete your KYC compliance to invest in mutual funds. Please note, this is a one-time process. The documents required for KYC are:

- one self-attested photocopy of address proof

- one self-attested photocopy of PAN card

- one photo