High value insurance, as the name suggests, gives a policyholder a complete policy cover for a property which costs substantially higher than other normal properties.

A high value home Insurance policy covers the contents and structure of the home, including personal property, fixtures and fittings, cards of various banks, contents of the house and other belongings.

High value homes are categorized as those homes which have a predetermined high value, based on rebuild costs, cost of contents and cost of antiques, art and jewellery, etc.

For the sake of understanding, think of a high-value home as a 5-bedroom villa in the middle of a sprawling lawn. For a better reference, think of the houses shown in blockbuster Bollywood movies.

Coming back to the topic, if a natural calamity or any man-made incident were to strike such a property, a normal home insurance policy wouldn’t suffice. Thus, insurance companies have created customised solutions to provide a wider cover for the contents as well as the structure of an individual’s high value house.