InvestorQ : I recently heard about an insurance plan called preventive healthcare plans. Can you explain it?
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I recently heard about an insurance plan called preventive healthcare plans. Can you explain it?

Sadaf Khan answered.
3 years ago

Increasingly, our lifestyles are becoming more sedentary and resultantly, many of us are highly prone to non-communicable diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, hypertension, cardiac and lung problems. Early detection of such critical diseases will not only help control the disease from spreading further and causing more damage, but it also increases the probability of curing it completely at a nascent stage. This is possible only if we keep doing regular check-ups but most of us don’t do it due to high costs involved in medical tests.

Preventive healthcare plans come in handy in this scenario as it includes testing, detection, and minimization of disease at a very early stage. Diagnosis of cancer in early stages or a heart condition proves to be effective and life saving.

Regular health check-up using preventive healthcare plan can keep your health in check. Preventive tests include HIV testing, cancer screening, cholesterol and sugar testing, PAP smear, genetic testing, etc.

Indian health insurance companies offer various preventive healthcare plans in order to cover different types of medical expenses. Following are some of the examples:

- You can get your regular health check-up done at any network hospitals of the insurance provider. - Family preventive healthcare plan which will cover you, spouse, children, and dependent parents. - Employee health check-up provided under group insurance plans by companies.

- Child preventive healthcare package plan is also available for children aged between 0 and 13 years. - Diabetes preventive healthcare plan is a type of specific disease-related plan provided by insurance companies. Under this plan, a specific disease like diabetes is covered. A policyholder can get all medical expenses covered that were incurred for diabetes as per his/her policy.

- Preventive health care insurance plans are also provided based on age of the insured person. The above-mentioned examples highlight the necessity of preventive healthcare insurance plans in our lives as they are extremely useful in keeping us aware of your health condition. Through these healthcare insurance plans, we can receive appropriate treatment in a timely manner once the disease is diagnosed.