Greed and fear play a crucial role in Intraday Trading. The problem is not greed and fear per se. They are human emotions and they will remain always. But the problem is in the way we apply greed and fear to intraday trading. For example, when we become greedy and fearful along with the way the entire herd mentality moves. Actually, you should be greedy when opportunities arise and you should be fearful when there are buyers at high levels. Wrong application of greed and fear can erase your 100% paper profit, and you may end in a loss. A paper profit is an unrealized profit from the trade. An intraday trader should know the entry and exit point. For this, it is important to fix your gain and loss from a particular trade.
Expert traders keep a stop loss at 1/3rd of the expected benefits. It is done so that overall trade for the day should be profitable. How to control your loss in the stock market is a lot about how to go about controlling your emotions of greed and fear when trading intraday. There is an overwhelming and unanimous opinion that Intraday Trading should not be initiated without a stop loss. Though stop loss is 1/3rd of expected gains, if it is near any pivot point or resistance/support levels then it may result in more losses. The volatility is high near pivot point, resistance and support levels. Without getting into too much of the technical details the point is that greed and fear must be experienced by an intraday trader at the right time.