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leah Diaz made post

I have started investing in mf from last 1 year through SIP and I have incurred a loss. What should I do? Continue SIP or Stop it?

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Shreya Karn answered.
2 years ago

Firstly, check the sector in which MF is investing and if that is correct then have patience and wait. There has been a volatile situation in the market for every sector, industry, or company. in this last year. The price of securities which was giving a good return and had good intrinsic value too, has gone down. Now, the best part is that if one stays invested even at this Bear market, then MF will keep on buying and the investor gets allocated more units in his account so with the same amount of money. If an investor is disciplined enough to invest calmly, then investment through SIP in longer-run will fetch a good amount.

SIP should be started with a specific goal for a longer period and should be stopped only when the goal is achieved. Also, if you stay for a longer period, this short-term volatility will not affect your funds. So, I would personally suggest you to continue and not stop now.