InvestorQ : I have not got my demat credit on time? What can I do in this case?
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I have not got my demat credit on time? What can I do in this case?

rhea Babu answered.
3 years ago
Ideally, any shares you buy must be credited to your demat account by T+2 date. When we talk of T+2 we are referring to the end of the second trading date after the trade date. So holidays, Saturdays and Sundays will be excluded from this calculation. Many brokers suggest to the customers to leave the shares in the brokers pool account so that it can be leveraged for trading positions. This is something you can do at your own risk but please be aware that you are doing it knowingly. You can fill up the form and the broker will you’re your delivery shares in their pool account and give you margin against these shares. But the downside risk is that if you make losses, then the broker is authorized to sell these shares to make good this loss. Avoid that situation to the extent possible. Let the shares come into your demat account on T+2 day so that any confusions are entirely avoided.
Shares may get delayed in case of short delivery. In that case you may either get the delivery a couple of days late or you will get the cash compensation for the stock not delivered. That is the only situation when your demat credit gets delayed. Otherwise, if your demat credit gets delayed then just escalate to your DP / Broker immediately. In case you do not get a satisfactory response in 48 hours you must immediately escalate to your principal DP, which could be NSDL or CDSL.