InvestorQ : I have lost my DIS booklet. Will be DP charge me for the same?
Debbie Mascarenhas made post

I have lost my DIS booklet. Will be DP charge me for the same?

Priyanka Jain answered.
3 years ago
Hey, when your booklet gets lost your priority must be to protect your DP account first. Then you can worry about whether the DP will charge you or not. Mostly, DPs will not charge for the booklet, but some DPs may put a small charge for a duplicate DIS booklet. The charge is quite small and may not be truly material but what is more important is for you to block the old DIS booklet first to prevent the DIS booklet falling into the wrong hands and being misused. That is a much bigger worry than whether you will be charged or not. When you get a DIS booklet, always note down the DIS series and immediately inform your DP and block your DIS booklet leaves when it is lost.
As a safety measure you may even summarily freeze your demat account but ensure that the action is taken quickly and don’t wait too long. There is a very simple form that can be filled to avail of a duplicate DIS booklet facility. Once the form is filled up and handed over to your DP, the issue is done immediately. Check out the form below that is enclosed. This is the format you can use to get a new duplicate DIS slip booklet. Remember, this is critical as your cheque book, debit card or your credit card. So first block the DIS booklet and then make an application for duplicate DIS booklet in the form
You can use this form itself to invalidate the old DIS booklet for safety sake. The request has to be signed exactly like in the DP master. Of course, in case of joint holders, it has to be signed by all the holders in the same ratio.