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pratibha koundal made post

i have invested in mutual funds in SBI bank.. i want to know about my statement

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Roshni Hegde answered.
10 months ago

In order to solve your query, I will need some clarity on a few of my questions;
Which scheme have you invested through SBI Bank as a Mutual Fund distributor?
Have you paid through your SBI bank account for the investments or have you invested through SBI Mutual Fund (sometimes users do get confused between bank / AMC).

Case1- If you have invested through SBI Bank as a Mutual Fund distributor
You can download the statement from SBI's official online web page. You can also generate a consolidated account statement from >> Investor Services >> CAS - CAMS, KARVY, FT, SBF.

Case2- If you have made the payment through SBI bank account
You can find the required investment entries in your respective bank's passbook. You can also generate CAS (as mentioned above) to check your respective Mutual Fund investment.

Case3- If he has invested through SBI Mutual Fund-
You can download the statement from SBI MF's online portal or CAS (as mentioned above).

Case4- If you provide any reference to IIFL Securities MF platform-
I am the user of MF India Infoline app. My personal experience was good. The technical support system will include the required information provided by you and track orders through the respective Order Book. One can view account statements/capital gain statements etc. at a click of a button, in order to track investments.

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Vishesh Agrawal answered.
10 months ago

Download sbimf mobile app, create account, link your folio number & you can see your statement. Alternatively, sbimf sends account statements to it's subscribers over mail periodically.