Kredx is a P2P (peer to peer) platform where SMEs can come and get their bills discounted. At the other end there are the P2P lenders / investors who are willing to lend on this platform due to the higher rates of return that they can get, which is way above the market rates. This entails higher risk but the returns are also very high. Kredx had a model that was focused on discounting bills and invoices for SMEs and corporate clients, which was considered to be relatively safe.

However, the lenders on this platform have come out with major complaints that defaults had been increasing. They have also accused of poor due diligence done by the Kredx platform which was responsible for these defaults. Kredx has tried to wash its hands off by saying that it was a private deal between the lender and the borrower but it is likely to raise some serious questions over the proliferation of these P2P sites.