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shrinidhi Rajan made post

I have been invested in Interglobe (Indigo) from the time of its IPO and I have held on. But now with the two promoters fighting, I am worried. Should I hold on?

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Riya Dwivedi answered.
1 year ago

The stock has corrected sharply in the last few days after one of the co-promoters, Rakesh Gangwal, has levelled some serious allegations of impropriety on the other co-promoter Rahul Bhatia. While both the promoters have nearly equal stake in the company, Gangwal has long been a passive investor with Rahul Bhatia handling most of the day to day operations. While the company still sustains its market share of 43% in the Indian aviation market, such management fights are not good news for the shareholders.

What you can do is temporarily park your money in another airline stocks like Spice Jet and then you can look to come back and invest in Interglobe once the management tiff is sorted out. Normally, such issues make any fundamental difference to the company performance but it does lead to selling on the stock as investors do not prefer too much of uncertainty at the top management level. SEBI has also commenced investigations into Interglobe. Stay off for the time being.

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Aditya answered.
1 year ago

As soon as some bad news starts coming in the stock one should take an immediate exit bcoz we as a retail investors get the exact news at the last

So u can take a temporary exit but if you are bullish than sfock will givu another opportunity