Futures are leveraged trades where a trader can take a position by paying a small upfront margin. However, these futures are derivative products that derive value from an underlying like the stock or the index. When you look at futures prices, you also look at the open interest which shows the cumulative open position in the market on that particular stock. The combination of price and open interest (OI) can give significant clues. For examples rising prices with rising OI is a sign of aggressive accumulation. Rising prices with falling OI is a sign of aggressive short covering. On the other hand, falling futures prices with rising OI indicate accumulate of short positions and is a negative signal. Lastly, falling futures prices with falling OI, indicating unwinding of positions and gives hope of short covering. The next time you open the stock price page in your newspaper, try to browse through a lot more carefully. It actually contains a treasure trove of valuable information to aid you in your investment decision making! Even the smallest statistical data can give you some unique insights and you can appropriate use it in your analysis before taking a buy or sell decision on the stock.