You are already sitting on pretty profits as the stock is quoting currently at close to Rs.890. But you need to understand that Navin Fluorine is a major player in the speciality chemicals space. This industry is in the news for two reasons. Firstly, the global demand for specialty chemicals has been expanding rapidly and India has been exporting to most of Latin America over the last few years. Secondly, China shut down many of its specialty chemicals factories due to environmental reasons and that has become a big advantage for India. So India is going to benefit both ways and Navin Fluorine has been among the blue chip names in the specialty chemicals business.

What you need to do is hold on to the stock because you already have a 3 year view. This is the big story of the coming few years and it has the kind of export potential that pharma had shown in the 1990s. So the answer is for you to hold on and also look to add more of the stock if you get dips in between.