Not exactly! In gambling and speculating you are only relying on luck and God’s grace to make money. Here there is a science and logic to intraday trading. There is also a lot of hard work that the intraday trader needs to put in. Intraday trading refers to day-based trading, where traders open and close their positions on the same day. This involves taking advantage of market volatility to make immediate money.
Intraday is for the very short term and hence results can be unpredictable. But you can control your reaction to the results and you can also strengthen your preparedness for the volatility. There is no such thing you can do in gambling. You just throw the dice or roll the slotting machine and then pray for the best. There is a science of risk management and calibrated trading involved in intraday trading. It also helps traders prevent overnight losses caused by events that surface after the markets have closed. Many people consider intraday trading as speculation-based gambling and not as a value investment. However, one can make money in the stock market by following simple day trading rules and anticipating market moves. Don’t have to purely rely on luck.