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nishi Shah made post

I am planning to take a trip abroad and was thinking of taking a travel insurance. Are there any aspects I must consider before purchasing one?

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Sadaf Khan answered.
2 years ago

A travel insurance is your way of ensuring and protecting yourself from medical emergencies, thefts, loss of baggage and any other untoward event.

Like in normal health and life insurances, you can get vanilla travel insurance covers, but you can opt for other add-ons as well.

Here are a few aspects you must keep in mind when purchasing a travel insurance:

Buy a policy based on your nature of trip

If you are frequent flyer, it is advisable that you buy an annual travel insurance plan. However, if you are going to a foreign country for a once a year vacation, then you can choose a single-trip travel insurance.

Your age

Few insurance policies have different travel insurance plans based on the age of the traveller. You can get dedicated travel insurance plans for students as we as for senior citizens.

Duration of your trip

Based on the number of days you are vacationing for, the premium you pay to pay towards your travel varies. A trip for 15-25 days will obviously fetch a higher premium than a trip for just seven days.

Medical history

There are numerous similarities between a health insurance policy and travel policy. This means that if you have a medical history of any disease, if you smoke and drink alcohol, then your policy premium will increase.


If your vacation destination is a high risk one, then your premium amount will go up.