InvestorQ : I am not a trained analyst, how can I research stocks for intraday trading?
shrinidhi Rajan made post

I am not a trained analyst, how can I research stocks for intraday trading?

Swati Naik answered.
3 years ago
Stock markets are a source to discover value and volumes. It is not rocket science that you cannot understand the basics of research. A good stock is a good stock because it can earn money. A good trade is a good trade because it can generate profits. It is as simple as that. From this point of view, you need to start looking at stock more analytical. You don’t need to be a stock picking expert or a master technical analyst. You need to be a smart trader who can interpret the signals of the market in a very credible manner.
Before commencing intraday trading, it is recommended to understand the basics of the stock market and the fundamental and technical analyses. Don’t get bogged down by finer details. Focus on what is relevant to your overall trading activity. There is plenty of research available on the Internet and taking the time to read it will be advantageous. Moreover, there are hundreds of stocks that are traded on the equity markets and traders must trade only 8 or 10 liquid stocks. Liquid stocks are those shares that have high volumes in the intraday market. This allows traders to exit open positions before the end of the trading sessions. Also, these liquid stocks will enable you to enter and exit the stock without disturbing the price beyond a point.