Intraday trading is not as easy as assumed in the market. It is quite risky. However, I would like to put some light toward successful intraday trading too. this trading is free from geopolitical risks.
Are you an investor have can give enough time to intraday trading? Yes?

Then below are fundamental Primary rule that may answer your query;
Give time through keeping yourself close to price movements or stop loss.
Never invest your entire capital for intraday. Minimum 30% should be your limit of the total investible fund.
You must focus must be on the short term view
Study technical charts, Pivot points, supports, resistance levels, momentum, oscillators are all key to trading in the market on an intraday basis.

I have my good experience in intraday trading through reading books. You can refer, "How to make money in intraday trading" by Ashwini Gujral, "Guide to Technical Analysis" by Jitendra Gala.
Also, I would recommend you good apps that ease the trading process;
IIFL markets, Zeroda, 5Paisa for charts.