InvestorQ : I am a student, is it advisable to invest in MF?
Diya Chitale made post

I am a student, is it advisable to invest in MF?

Anisha Awate answered.
2 years ago
If you are planning for long term investment than equity scheme would be the most suitable for you. Other options like aggressive hybrid scheme or large-cap scheme you can look for. As debt part of the portfolio offers a shield during a volatile market.
You also have good options in large-cap mutual fund schemes. In this scheme, the corpus is invested in blue-chip companies. These blue-chip companies are those who are considered as leaders in the market in a particular field and mainly are less volatile than smaller companies.
Apart from the above suggestions if you are planning to invest for minimum five to seven years than mutual fund scheme through SIP is the most preferred option for you.
For an investment horizon of three years, it is advisable to choose a bank account or debt mutual fund schemes. Statistically, debt mutual fund provides higher returns than the bank account.