No, unfortunately, you cannot avail of a personal loan.

When banks/NBFCs lend to borrowers, they conduct various checks and balances to ensure the borrower has a good repayment ability. If the bank is not sure about the borrower honouring the loan repayment, it might choose to not lend the amount in the first place.

In your case, as is the case with most homemakers, you cannot show any salary slip or regular income. Thus, a bank or NBFC has no way of ensuring that you will pay back the loan amount.

But don’t be disheartened. Personal loans aren’t the only way of financing your business or your dreams. You can find your finances in other lending options such as:

- A gold loan

- By mortgaging land

- Taking the help of an earning member (such as a spouse or parent) as a co-applicant and apply for a personal loan.