Clearly the government does not want to push companies too much with the kind of uncertainty in the markets right now. With the stock markets, bond markets and the oil markets in the midst of a crisis; Indian government’s revenue chasing plans have also taken a hit. Government is not insisting on the speedy payment of AGR due any longer. It has decided to take 6 months to fully evaluate and close out the AGR issue. It does not want to put too much pressure on telcos at a time when financial markets are already in a state of turmoil. Secondly, the BPCL divestment may also be put off for some time. Earlier this month, the government had announced that it would invite EOIs to hive off its entire 52.8% stake in BPCL. However, considering the sharp fall in oil prices, the government is concerned about the impact of weak oil prices on the GRMs of BPCL.