InvestorQ : How will be the IPO market for 2021?
ramya Bhaskaran made post

How will be the IPO market for 2021?

ramya Bhaskaran answered.
6 months ago
Well, 2020 has not been a great year so far, but some good things are lined-up for the coming year. The IPO market is waiting for a bumper show with more than 30 IPOs worth Rs 30,000 crore being lined-up to launch this new year. Even though 2020 hasn’t been anyone’s good year, the IPO market still managed to stop good this year by raising over Rs 25,000 crore as against 16 issues worth Rs 12,362 in 2019.

The 2021 IPO is looking to dominate the market with Kalyan Jewellers, Samhi Hotels, Indigo Paints, Stove kraft, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels, Mrs. Bectors Food, and food delivery apps such as Zomato are in the pipeline. Also, if the Government could be able to roll out its wish to take LIC public, then that would beat all the previously established records in IPO as LIC’s valuation would be in trillions.

Most of these issues are lined-up for the first quarter itself, and hence we can expect more IPOs during the year. It will also help to close the current fiscal year with a great valuation. We also believe that the IPO market would be great for 2021, as many quality issues are set to come up this year.