InvestorQ : How where the Dec-20 quarter results of Torrent Pharma?
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How where the Dec-20 quarter results of Torrent Pharma?

vidhya Laxmi answered.
4 months ago

Torrent Pharma reported an 18.33% rise in net profit at Rs.297 crore on the strength of cost control measures undertaken by the company during the quarter. Top line was almost flat with just 1.48% growth in revenues for the Dec-20 quarter. However, the revenue story was more nuanced if you break up into geographical segments.

While the overall revenues of Torrent may have been flat, the India specific revenues of the company grew by 7% at Rs.930 crore. That in effect led the market recovery. India also saw momentum in chronic brands and sub-chronic brands. Overall, India was the heavyweight driver of growth in the quarter.

The US revenues for the quarter were sharply down 24% on a yoy basis and that proved to be the drag on the numbers. Brazil revenues also contracted and that appears to be more of a standard trend in the Americas. However, the German revenues grew by 21% one of the best performing among Torrent’s major markets. It was a case of cost optimization working.