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Arya Nanda made post

How were the auto sales numbers of M&M for the month of June and what are the key takeaways?

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Deepa Salunkhe answered.
1 month ago

M&M saw its India vehicle sales falling 53% to 18,505 units for the month of June 2020 on a YOY basis. Even exports at M&M were down nearly 72% at 853 units. Domestic passenger vehicle sales for the month stood at 8075 units a fall of 57% over last year June. Even the commercial vehicle sales fell by 36% at 10,417 units.

However, M&M is positive that there were green shoots of recovery during the month compared to April and May as the impact of a gradual unlocking began to show results. This has been led primarily by the rising rural demand and movement of essential goods across the country as rural oriented demand was robust and tractors saw good numbers.

Top officials at M&M have conceded that the big challenge for the company will be ramping up production in spite of the constraints of logistics, raw material supply and labour availability. According to estimates put out by M&M, the company lost sales of around 87,000 vehicles due to the pandemic-induced lockdown in the June quarter overall.