The process is quite simple and the following documents are required to be submitted as under:
A cop of the HUF PAN card. The photocopy can be submitted and the original must be carried for verification.
You require HUF address proof. This can be any of the registered documents as laid out in the demat agreement between the customer and the DP.
A bank proof of the HUF can either be in the form of a cancelled cheque or a bank letter attested by the bank manager.
The HUF is headed by the Karta, who is normally the eldest member of the family. The Karta's PAN card copy with a clearly visible photograph is also essential. In addition, the Karta's address proof is also required, which can again be one of the registered documents as laid out in the agreement.
There is also a requirement of a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from all Coparceners, along with a list of Coparceners. These coparceners are the other members of the lineage of the Karta. You also need to submit details of Family member and PAN no of all the coparceners.