InvestorQ : how to invest in stock market and need few tips on the same
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how to invest in stock market and need few tips on the same

Allysin Pinto answered.
7 months ago
If you are just beginning to invest in stocks, you need to open a demat account. Demat account is where all traded stocks are placed. Your shares will be held in your account in a virtual format. It displays a company's current and past value and helps the investor make decisions on what stocks to purchase. The trading happens on a trading account. Stocks are bought and sold on it. A bank and pan card is must.
Mutual funds are a great low risk investment. As a fund manager handles the funds for you, you can be a little more relaxed regarding profits. Mutual funds are of two kinds, lump sum and sip. With SIP, the money will be cut from your account every month.
Look for Bluechip stocks, if you'd like definite returns. Bluechip stocks are issued by companies that have a good financial record with little to no risk. As a starting point, this is a viable option.
Also check for sectors that are profitable right now. Currently the Pharma and FMCG industries are booming in the market. Don't invest in one sector. Diversify to reduce risk.