InvestorQ : how to do intrday trading?
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how to do intrday trading?

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Shreya Karn answered.
2 years ago

Intra-day trading refers to buying and selling activities of the same stock or financial instrument on the same day on the stock exchange. A trader generally buys and sell a stock with an objective to make a profit. The main motivation to do intra-day trading is to book profit due to volatility on the price of the stock and envisaging the future movement of the stock, which can be both, on the price drop and price increase.
However, one should predict such future movement of stock with validated grounds and not on mere gut feeling. Though it might seem that intra-day trading is just like gambling but there are many techniques, rules and charts involved that give indicates the movement of stock on which a trader takes the trading decision. Stop-loss is one such step or rule to be applied while intra-day trading.