Tata Steel BSL was formerly known as Bamnipal Steel and was taken by Tata Steel in May 2018 through The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)-led auction. The merger of Bhushan Steel and Tata Steel helped in reviving the stressed steel asset, increase in output to the higher mill, uninterrupted raw material supply, and many other positive attributes.

So with this history of Bhushan Steel, one can expect that the merger of Tata Steel BSL and Bamnipal Steel will lead to an improvement in output. CEO & MD of Tata Steel, T V Narendran said, “The proposed merger will accelerate operational synergies, reduce the regulatory burden and simplify the group structure.”

The merger ratio for every one equity share of Rs 10 each of Tata Steel for every 15 shares of Rs 2 each of Tata Steel BSL. This approved scheme will cancel all the equity shares held by Bamnipal Steel and preference shares of held by Tata Steel in Tata Steel BSL.

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