InvestorQ : how start investing in mutual funds?
Parmod Rani made post

how start investing in mutual funds?

Arti Chavan answered.
1 year ago

Mutual funds have different objectives with respect to an individual's goal, so your objective of investment should match the objective of Mutual fund plan.

For example you want to save tax but somebody recommended you to buy a small cap fund scheme of the same fund house, then your objective to save tax will not be fulfilled however, your investment will give you a good growth. So before choosing your mutual fund scheme or plan ensure to align your objective to it.

Thus, recommending the best mutual fund for you without knowing your objective will not allow you to optimize the benefits.

If you want to start an investment, visit any fund house online or visit their branch and check the plan or scheme the offer and then choose best among them.

The minimum amount to invest through SIP is generally Rs. 500. So you can choose any amount which you wish to invest depending upon your capability and expectation of corpus amount