Currently, there are four big names in the movie exhibition business; PVR, INOX, Carnival and Cinemax. All of them are visibly upset by the decision of some producers to release films on the OTT platform as multiplexes could lose out on the lucrative first week goldmine. Successful producer / directors like Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty refused to bite the OTT bait and prefer to release their films after the lockdown. Experts also believe that OTT can never recreate the multiplex ambience and may, at best, be an adjunct. The best way for PVR and INOX is not to resist the shifts happening and let OTT evolve. OTT giants like Amazon and Netflix have deep pockets and are building subscribers at a rapid pace. Every business evolves. When multiplexes launched 20 years back, they sounded the death knell for single-screen theatres. Most theatres survived the video assault but could not survive multiplexes. PVR and INOX need to handle OTT challenge. It does not make sense to resist innovation. Instead, PVR and INOX must rethink their business models in the post-OTT scenario!