We take insurance to protect ourselves and our vehicles from the damages that can occur during accidents. Hence, it is of utmost importance that we also know how to raise claims if after we meet an accident.

Process to raise a third-party claim:

- First register your claim with your insurance company. If your vehicle has been stole, you’ll first have to lodge a police complaint.

- Get your vehicle repaired by getting it towed or by taking it yourself to the garage.

- Monitor you claim regularly by checking the company’s website or by communicating with them on phone or emails.

The documents you will require when making a third-party claim are:

- A copy of the police FIR

- Copy of your policy

- A duly-signed claim form

- Copy of your driving license

- Copy of your vehicle’s registration copy (RC) book

- For company-registered vehicles, a stamp paper is needed for the documents