Indian e-commerce company Paytm Mall has lost its funds around $150 million to $200 million in the September-October 2018. The loss got incurred due to its cashback offer and marketing strategies during traditional seasons of the year. Needless to say, the plan didn't prove fruitful anywhere.

According to the company's tax filing data, it FY 2018, it recorded a loss of Rs1,787.55 crore on total revenue of Rs774.86 crore.

Paytm makes its huge investment in warehousing and logistics for scale. One of the former executives at the firm said, that the company lacked strong basic capabilities in the supply chain, logistics, which are the essentials for running a consumer-facing e-commerce business.

Adding to the above, Paytm Mall failed to crack exclusive partnerships in the mobile and electronics category. The platform got affected due to its lower overall performance in customer support.
To resolve Paytm stepped towards some amendments like shutting down its national e-commerce shipping business, which entailed onboarding sellers and shipping products across the country, broke contracts with sellers, logistics and warehousing partners. The company also controlled its marketing expenses and cash backs by almost 80%.

As per financial experts, Paytm's market share is expected to fall by 3-4% more.