It has been confirmed by the company that RIL would use nearly 75% of the proceeds of the rights issue to repay debt. The size of the rights issue is Rs.53,100 crore of which nearly Rs.40,000 crore will be used to repay the debt of the RIL group. Currently, RIL has net debt to the tune of Rs.161,000 crore. As you are aware, the full value of the rights will only be realized by November 2021 as the amount is payable in 3 tranches. While 25% is payable on application, another 25% is payable in May 2021 and the balance 50% November 2021. The Ambani family owns 50% of RIL and has also agreed to take up any unsubscribed portion of the rights. RIL has plans to become zero net-debt by March 2021, so it is not too clear how they will use the rights issue proceeds since the funds will only be available in November 2021.