The Department of Telecommunications (DOT) had acknowledged that it has received up to Rs.29,500 crore from the telecom companies by way of AGR dues. This includes, Rs.18,000 crore from Bharti Airtel. Out of this amount, Bharti has acknowledged its dues of only Rs.13,000 crore as per their calculations of AGR and the additional Rs.5000 crore they have paid as ad-hoc charges under dispute. Bharti has also commented that they have paid up the entire AGR payable to the government. The balance Rs.11,000 crore has been paid up by Tata Tele and Vodafone Idea. Like Bharti, Tata Tele has also averred that they have paid the full amount of AGR dues. Vodafone has only paid part of the dues and has asked more time to pay up the full dues as per their calculations. This Rs.29,500 crore inflow would come as a relief for the government which finds itself short of funds during this year.