InvestorQ : How is the home loan eligibility calculated ?
Dharnidher Dubey made post

How is the home loan eligibility calculated ?

Rohan Bhadani answered.
2 years ago

Following points are kept in mind : Minimum and maximum age - 18 to 70 years . However , some banks different minimum and maximum age for salaried , self employed and self employed professionals . Net monthly income - should be more than rupees 25,000 . for salaried person regular and timely salary credit is important for loan eligibility . Loan tenure - maximum loan tenure is upto 30 years . However , some banks restrict loan tenure to 25 years . Interest Rate - 8.55% to 11.80% Company employment history- income history and job continuity of 3 years and more required (except for some professionals) company or sector in which you work must not be black listed by bank . Some professionals such as practicing lawyers , police personnel , builders may be considered as negative profiles by some banks .