InvestorQ : How is the aerospace sector in 2020?
varsha Motwani made post

How is the aerospace sector in 2020?

Ira Shah answered.
6 months ago

It's been a tough year for aerospace stocks, with the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the sector the most. It doesn't take professional investors to realize that airline traffic has slowed to a trickle. And that's tough for pure-play aerospace stocks. Just a few months ago, they were in expansion mode now doing everything they can to cut costs and raise liquidity.

The companies that have strong ties with aerospace companies are also feeling the pinch. As pessimistic the outlook may be for the near-term earnings, some investors may be willing to take a longer-term outlook for the potential upside of the aerospace industry. If you are the kind that can sustain rough waters for the near to medium term, then maybe you can look to investing in aerospace stocks with an eye towards the future. And it is very likely going to be a long and arduous wait.