InvestorQ : How is Jubilant’s COVID drug priced in the market?
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How is Jubilant’s COVID drug priced in the market?

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2 months ago

Jubilant Life launched the generic version of antiviral drug Remdesivir in India for treatment of COVID-19 patients. The drug will be in the form of an injection and will be sold under the brand name JUBI-R. The drug will be priced at Rs.4700 per vial of 100 mg and will be made available at over 1,000 hospitals providing COVID-19 treatment.

It may be recollected that in May 2020 Jubilant had entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Gilead Sciences for the right to register, manufacture and sell Remdesivir in 127 countries, including India. This drug will be administered intravenously in a hospital setting under medical supervision only. Remdesivir is the only antiviral drug to receive Emergency Use Authorization or EUA by the USFDA.