InvestorQ : How is intraday trading different from day trading?
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How is intraday trading different from day trading?

3 years ago
Intraday trading and day tradings are one and the same. They are just different names given to the same activity. In intraday trading or day trading, you must square off all positions before the market closes. In rolling settlements, if you don’t close the position intraday then it has to compulsorily go for delivery. For the purpose of intraday trading, you may avail of margins, which is defined as the funding provided by the broker to increase your exposure in the stock market. It allows you to purchase/sell an additional number of stocks, which would otherwise require you to invest a greater amount of funds. When you place the order ensure to select MIS (Margin for intraday square off) as your order type so that you are eligible for the lower margins in your case.
The other side of intraday trading is delivery trading which involves buying the stocks and holding them for more than one day, thus taking their delivery into your demat account. It does not involve the use of margins, and hence you must possess the funds for your share market investments. It is a more secure method of investing in the Indian share market. If you want to buy 100 shares of Reliance for delivery then you actually require Rs.124,500 at the current RIL market price of Rs.1245. Of course, there will be brokerage and statutory charges on top of that.