Intraday trading indicators do not give the trader assurance of profits. In fact, nothing gives you the assurance of profits in trading. However, by ratifying intraday trades with these intraday indicators, the risk can be substantially reduced.
Traders can use these intraday indicators to maximize their returns. It is all about making the most of the spread. When you are trading on small spreads with just a 5-hour time window, every basis point of return that you add makes a big difference to your final tally. Make every penny count. That is what intraday indicators help you to do.
Intraday indicators are a very good method of minimizing the risk of intraday trading. This is the other side of the story. When you have a scientific basis for identifying maximum profit and maximum loss levels, then your risk is automatically reduced. These indicators also provide a structure to your intraday trades.
Intraday indicators help you to identify the shifts in momentum because that is what the price patterns follow. You pre-empt other traders when you identify a momentum much before the others do. An intraday trader makes money when they are able to spot a trend a few minutes before the other traders. These signals can be picked up by a close analysis of momentum indicators and how the momentum is shifting either in favor of stocks or against these stocks. Of course, these are skills that you hone with years of experience.