Good intraday traders always focus primarily on managing risk. When you are running leveraged positions in intraday trading, managing risk becomes a lot more important. Successful intraday traders believe, and rightly so, that risk is what you can control, not returns. Focus on what you can control, not on what you cannot control. Hence, that should be your focus. They set strict limits for capital depletion during the day, during the month and overall. Successful intraday traders also have the habit of ensuring that every trade is backed by a strict stop loss. Before you step into a river you have to know how deep it is. That is where stop loss management comes in handy. They never get into a trading position without defining the maximum loss on the trade. They also make it a point to stay out when the markets become difficult to understand. A successful intraday trader always operates with discipline and as per a trading plan.There are no successful intraday traders without discipline. Set your trading plan, keep a backup plan of action and execute your trades. Always have a Plan-B in place to take care of exigencies. Discipline is not a skill or a quality. For successful intraday traders it is a habit and a way of life!