Advice is fine as long as you take it as an input rather than as an output. In the stock markets, there is no shortage of advice. There are SMS calls, WhatsApp forwards and there are experts on TV channels. Firstly, you need to differentiate between tips, rumours, information and insights. There are a few basic rules to remember. Strictly adhere to broker research as most of the WhatsApp forwards may not be in your interest. In fact, quite often they have a vested interest of their own. One of the hallmarks of a trader is one who does his own research, charting and trading. It is not rocket science but you can manage with some basic knowledge of charts, patterns and news flows. As the legendary trader, Jesse Livermore, rightly summed it up, “there is no bull side and bear side to the market but only the right side”. The bottom line is that you must never try to outguess the market but just understand the trend and play in tune.