Broking services are not just about executing transactions. It is also about the follow up services like updating the client via phone / email / SMS, helping the client when they are stuck in positions, despatch of contract notes on time, providing them online downloadable analytics and tax statements etc. Does the broker offer a call-n-trade facility as a back-up in case the internet services are down? Most importantly, ensure that the broker has good risk management. Brokers need to help clients but when they give too much leniency it amounts to bad risk management. Be cautious in such cases.

This is a very important consideration. In fact, choosing the best stock broker for beginners also implies a broker who offers multiple products like equities, F&O, commodities, debt trading, interest rate futures, mutual fund advisory, insurance, loan products etc. The advantage of a one-stop shop is that you have all your needs met by a single one-point and that makes your entire task much easier. Focus more on the advisory services rather than just on selling products. After all, as an investor or a beginner in the stock market, you want solutions that are customised to you.